Below, you will the answers to frequently asked questions about Vredenburgplein.

Register on this website. This allows you, through your own account on the website, to fill out an application, to list your preferred properties, and to upload the documents we need to check your data. We will then contact you asap.

You do not have to pay registration or brokerage fees. Nor do you pay a commission.

All homes on Vredenburgplein are private sector rentals, therefore you cannot claim housing benefits. You can only apply for housing benefits for social housing with a maximum rent of € 710,78 (price level 2016).

The tenancy is for a minimum of 1 year. The agreement may then be terminated per the 1st of the following month + 1 month. For example: announcing your termination on 10th January will terminate the agreement per 1st March.

Due to construction work, it's not possible to take a look at the properties.

The following income requirements apply:

1 person 50x the monthly rent = gross annual income
2 persons 70x the monthly rent = joint gross annual income (with 30x the monthly rent as minimum individual income)

These requirements also apply for pensioners and beneficiaries. If you are self-employed, the calculation is based on your nett operating result.

Holiday pay, fixed bonus, and fixed 13th month may be included in calculating the gross annual income. Flexible bonuses, profit sharing, and reimbursement for a leased car will not be included in the means-test.

Disposable assets in a Dutch bank account can be used, if you do not meet the direct means-test. Divide the total assets by 10 and add the amount to your annual gross income. Divided by 50 or 70, this results in the maximum rent.

Use the rent calculator to determine your maximum rent. http://www.huurlastencalculator.nl


No, you need to meet the income requirements, with a maximum of 2 salaries regarded as joint income. Nor can there be more than two tenants registered on one address. Unless you meet these requirements, students cannot rent one of these properties. Unfortunately, we do not accept guarantees by third parties (parents).

Unfortunately, we will only accept income from regular employment (minimum 12-month contract). Therefore, a flexible employment contract does not enable you to rent on Vredenburgplein.

Unfortunately, roommates cannot rent a property together. Properties are only let to singles, cohabitants and families.

Unfortunately, guarantees by parents or third parties will not be accepted.

The following benefits qualify as income for the means-test: WIA (Work & Income – Capacity for Work Act), WAO (Invalidity Insurance Act) and ZW (Sickness Benefits Act).

The properties are allocated based on the income requirements, availability, completeness of your records, final credit check and your preference. If more people are interested in the same property, lots will be drawn.

The application form is available online. You can register on hurenopvredenburgplein.nl. You will then receive your log-in information with which you can log into your own account. Using this account, you can access the application form and upload your documents. Please note: in addition to your online application, we will need documents in order to assess your application. You can upload these documents via the application form, using the ‘attachments (‘bijlagen’)’ page. The attachments (‘bijlagen’) page will pop onto your screen once you have completed the application form. Without these documents, your application will not be processed.

Depending on the information entered on the application form, you will see a list of documents you need to upload. If you do not have all the necessary documents at hand, you can add them later.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you asap. Only complete applications with the necessary attachments will be processed.

Yes. The service charges are € 50. In addition, you pay your monthly gas, water and electricity bills and municipal charges. You are responsible for taking out your own contracts with the utility companies.

The properties do not come with a parking space. There is the option of renting a space in the private parking garage below. For more information, see http://www.interparking.nl/nl-NL/find-parking/P5%20Vredenburg/.


The properties realized in the first phase of the project are available immediately.

Rent now = move in tomorrow. So, feel free to apply right away! The 11 family homes from the second phase of the project are expected to be available in 2018

No, all properties come with a luxury kitchen with built-in appliances and a comfortable bathroom with shower, basin and design radiator. A number of properties have both a bath and a shower. The kitchen and bathroom lay-outs can be viewed via the property selector on this website.

There is a wall-mounted toilet, a basin and tap. The floor tiles are anthracite grey, the wall tiles are matt white.

The walls are ready to be painted. This means the surface finish is flat enough to be painted. Given these are new builds, you will have to prime the walls first, to lower their absorption capacity. The ceilings are sprayed white.

The homes and apartments have a Heat and Cold Storage installation. This uses thermal energy for sustainable heating and warm water. The utility company that supplies your heating is Unica. The lessor will provide you with a supply agreement between you and Unica.

All properties come with a separate storage unit in the courtyard.

Yes, the apartments have 10 solar panels each, the family homes have six solar panels each. These solarpanels supply your own electricity. This will make a substantial difference to your monthly electricity costs. Advantages: good for the environment and less dependent on energy prices.

Next to the properties, a hotel is being built. To the north, a new shopping arcade is being built. Therefore, the remaining family homes will not be completed before 2018. Building work is screened off by a 2.4 metre fence. What will happen to the former V&D building is, as yet, unknown.

All residents, including tenants, in the area are regularly informed about ongoing and future building works.